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Problems and solutions for liquid refrigerant in refrigeration system - 8
Jun 18, 2018

Crank Case Heater


    In some systems, operating environments, costs, or customer preferences, it is possible that the time cycle can not be achieved, when the crankcase heater can delay the occurrence of migration. The function of the crankcase heater is to keep the temperature of the chilled oil in the crankcase above the temperature of the lowest part of the system. However, in order to prevent overheating and freezing oil-bonded carbon must limit the heating power of the crankcase heater.


    When the ambient temperature is close to-18 ℃, or when the suction pipe is exposed, the function of the crankcase heater will be partially offset, and migration may still occur. Crankcase heaters are usually continuously heated in use, because once the refrigerant enters the crankcase and condenses in the frozen oil, it takes up to a few hours to get it back to the suction tube.

    When the situation is not particularly serious, the crankcase heater is very effective for preventing migration, but the crankcase heater is not able to protect the damage caused by the backflow of the liquid to the compressor.