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Problems and solutions for liquid refrigerant in refrigeration system - 5
Jun 13, 2018

    Recommended Remedial measures The more refrigerant filling in the refrigeration system, the greater the chance of failure. Only the compressor and other major parts of the system are connected together for system testing to determine the maximum and safe refrigerant charge. The compressor manufacturer is able to determine the maximum filling amount of liquid refrigerant that does not cause damage to the compressor's working parts, but it is not possible to determine how much of the total charge in the refrigeration system is actually in the compressor in most extreme cases. The maximum filling capacity of the liquid refrigerant that the compressor can withstand depends on its design, content product and the amount of injection of the frozen oil. When fluid migration, overflow, or fluid strike occurs, the necessary remedial action must be taken, and the type of remedial action depends on the type of system design and failure.