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Problems and solutions for liquid refrigerant in refrigeration system - 4
Jun 12, 2018

    Hydraulic Safety control device action In a set of cryogenic units, after frosty portions, the liquid refrigerant overflow often leads to hydraulic safety control device action.


    Many systems are designed to allow refrigerant to condense in the evaporator and suction pipe during defrosting, and then when the refrigerant flows into the compressor crankcase to cause the oil pressure to reduce, resulting in hydraulic safety device action. Occasionally one or two times the hydraulic safety control device action will not have serious impact on the compressor, but repeatedly repeated in the absence of good lubrication conditions will lead to compressor failure. Hydraulic safety control device is often considered a small fault by the operator, but this is a warning that the compressor has been operating under the condition of no lubrication for more than two minutes, the need to implement remedial measures in a timely manner.