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Not the same creative freezer
May 24, 2018

    The general market of the display freezer volume is relatively large, so buy home is placed in the kitchen or living room, but today to introduce the supermarket freezer can be placed on the table, although the volume of a lot of small, but equipped with an intelligent system, you can add fresh fruit, extend the freshness of the fruit time, although creative, but after all, the volume is too small,

    Not practical. Just introduced a change in the appearance of fresh-keeping cabinets, and then talk about a freezer interior design creative freezer, we generally use the refrigerator freezer pattern is the same, space is not fully utilized, food do not know how to put neatly.

    The space pattern of the refrigerator, reasonable use of space are scientifically divided, food and tableware can be easily placed, and looks neatly placed. There is also a bubble-like object of the freezer, it is through its internal temperature control to achieve freshness. As for the temperature inside, it can be connected with the smart phone to control the sensor to achieve the purpose of temperature control.

    In addition, through the smartphone app, we can also look at the food information and freshness status of each bubble. External air-conditioning machine We have seen, outside the freezer have you ever heard, winter, outside the cold weather, many people put food in the outdoor to save, this is the nature of the freezer, the designer will be moving the freezer from indoor to outdoor, freezer moved to the outside wall hanging, can save room especially kitchen space; second, in winter, The freezer can be used to reduce the power of refrigeration by directly using the lower temperature.