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Nitrogen refrigeration technology started to be used
Jun 21, 2018

 Nitrogen refrigeration principle, namely through the pipeline to the liquid nitrogen access to the container, once the liquid nitrogen contact with the relative warm air in the container, instant cooling, to achieve refrigeration effect.

    However, the oxygen content in the enclosed space would be reduced, so a more complex sensing system would be installed in the container to ensure that the driver or other persons on the refrigerated vehicle would not endanger their lives because of hypoxia. The user can use the Bose nitrogen refrigeration system to set two different temperatures in the same container, changing the position of the clapboard and adjusting the size of the temperature area.

    In addition, the temperature control more accurate, avoid the traditional refrigeration system caused by the inconsistent temperature of the container before and after the shortcomings. With the development of fresh electricity market, refrigeration equipment demand has also increased markedly, the performance of refrigeration machinery is certainly more popular in the market.

    Recently, the use of a new "dual-zone system" glass-Swiss-Aspen nitrogen refrigeration system has been available, refrigeration effect is ideal, and low-cost, more environmentally friendly. According to the latest foreign media reports, the new glass-Swiss nitrogen refrigeration system (BOREASNITROGENCOOLINGSYSTEMS) has been successfully developed, and in the United States in California after two years of field testing, can now replace the traditional compressor refrigeration system.