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Medical use of ice.
May 09, 2018

    Now the continuous improvement of the ice-making equipment makes the ice into the medical category. Ice cubes can play a huge role in many common illnesses in summer.

    The ancient "Compendium of Materia Medica" on the record of the medical value of ice, "ice, nature and flavour sweet and cold, non-toxic, the treatment of thermal annoyance, hot swelling, solution tired thirst, the heat of poison." Ice in summer can be very effective as an external cooling effect, of course, in addition to cooling, when the body accidentally injured caused by the hematoma, is usually the choice of cold compress, in the fridge to take out a piece of ice, outside in a layer of clean cotton cloth, placed in the injured part, so that the cold stimulation of ice to make blood vessels shrink, Reduce the bleeding of the skin, but also can effectively reduce the hematoma. I wonder if you have ever heard that ice can also reduce heart rate, when people's heart rate than normal heart rate, you can choose to use a towel into the ice water, and then wring dry with its face, you can have a very good heart rate reduction.