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Market status of commercial refrigerator in China in 2018
Jan 08, 2018

    Commercial refrigerator market is still in the early stages of development, brand emerging, product quality, there have been six major user problems, urgent to resolve:

1, the appearance design is backward, cannot satisfy the user diverse demand and the product visual identification display, affects the sale.

2, the product temperature is not stable, affecting the food and beverage taste and edible safety.

3, product quality is not reliable, the use of a variety of quality problems.

4, high power consumption, terminal costs increase.

5, product materials and refrigerant is not environmentally friendly, resulting in environmental pollution.

6, the design is not user-friendly, bring terminal various inconvenient.

    User interests to be protected, commercial refrigerator market to healthy and orderly development, the market calls for the strength of commercial refrigerator enterprises to provide professional solutions for the terminal cold chain marketing to provide force protection.