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Ice-making machine refrigeration system.
Jan 19, 2018

    Ice-making machines and cold storage products of the technical core is the refrigeration system, a refrigeration system of the core components are:

1. Compressor, 2 condenser, 3 evaporator, 4 system control element, 5 safety accessory.

I. Condenser

    The common refrigeration system according to the different condensation method generally has three kinds of condensers:

1. Air-Cooled Condenser:

    Features: air as heat transfer medium, compact structure.

    Heat transfer temperature is generally 9~11℃, so air-cooled refrigeration system high pressure, generally suitable for medium and small-sized refrigeration system (ICE-making machine is generally suitable for use in the following models 5T). It is also used in refrigeration systems where water is scarce.

2. Water-cooled Condenser: Ice-making machine used mostly shell-tube condenser

    Features: Water as a heat exchanger medium, is the most typical water-cooled condenser.

    Heat transfer temperature is generally 4~6℃, so water-cooled refrigeration system low pressure, high efficiency, generally suitable for large and medium-sized refrigeration system.

Typical water-cooled condenser systems should be equipped with cooling water pumps and cooling towers and waterway accessories

The above picture is the shell tube type heat exchanger combination, the bottom is the shell tube type condenser.

3. Evaporative condenser: And the traditional water-cooled condenser water use of the heat transfer is different, evaporative condenser utilizes the latent heat of evaporation of the water, the typical evaporative condenser's working condition parameter is: Condensing temperature 38 ℃, wet ball temperature 26 ℃, System heat transfer efficiency is high, generally suitable for use in large-scale refrigeration system.