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Ice-making machine purchase group of large categories
May 31, 2018

    Block ice machine to buy groups generally in private enterprises such as tea shop with ice, Hotel ice, KTV with ice, etc.

    Snowflake Ice Machine users are more used in scientific research school laboratories and other places.

    Scale ice-making machine used in the general use of the supermarket industry, for frozen seafood and so on Ice is adjustable: it can adjust the thick of ice.

    It is suitable for various occasions of ice.

    Fully automatic control: the use of advanced COMs integrated circuits, water supply, ice making, ice removal, fault protection, such as automatic completion, using safe and convenient.

    Energy-saving: more than similar products to save One-third.

    The use of Europe's first ice-making technology, reasonable design, excellent performance. *, the long time before the factory ice-making performance testing and commissioning, to ensure that the product excellent performance