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Ice-making machine ice-making knowledge encyclopedia, knowledge Summary- 18
Aug 01, 2018

    Third, on the ice-making machine selection: The real need for ice is in the summer, so we're going to ask a question when we choose ice-making machines: do we buy ice-making machines that have enough ice in summer when the weather is hottest and the business is the best? We know that ice-making machines in the summer ice production and ice-making machine on the scale of ice production is very different, for example: when the water temperature 15 ℃, ambient temperature 21 ℃, wins the ice machine every 24 hours can produce ice 120 times, when the water temperature 30 ℃, the ambient temperature 40 ℃, this machine every 24 hours can produce ice 90 times, as for many non-brand ice-making machine (air-cooled), this time only 50 times every 24 hours of ice production, in fact, only nearly 40% of the marked ice production, or even lower. Understand these reasons, we will see how to choose the ice-making machine. If a customer needs 70 kilograms of ice per day during the summer season, how big is the ice maker he needs to buy? The answer is: 70 kg ÷0.75=93.3 kg x2.2=205 pounds. If you buy a non-branded machine (air-cooled), he should choose 175 kg (385 lb) of ice-making machine, the reason is: 70 kg ÷0.4=175 kg. Another example, a customer in the business season needs about 150 kilograms of ice every day, then he needs to buy a large number of ice-making machine? The answer is: 500 pounds ÷2.2=227 kg x0.75=170 kg. If you buy a non-branded machine (air-cooled), you should consider 375 kg (825 lb) ice-making machine, the reason is 150 kg ÷0.4=375 kg.