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Ice-making machine ice-making knowledge encyclopedia, knowledge Summary- 17
Jul 31, 2018

    Second, the ice-making machine ice production of understanding: 

    1, ice-making machine ice production definition: User selection, the main consideration to the amount of ice. But the ice production of ice-making machine is greatly affected by the environmental conditions, so it is necessary to make clear the standard working conditions to compare the ice producing capacity. We see in the market, such as a kilogram of ice-making machine, indicating that in the standard operating conditions per Nissan Ice volume. 

     2, the ice-making machine in summer, the understanding of ice production: Into the summer, water temperature and environmental temperatures significantly elevated, the rise in water temperature, which is equivalent to prolonging the ice-making time of each disk (because the water's freezing point is 0 ℃, to the temperature of ice water cooling to 0 ℃ than the normal temperature of the water also reduced to 0 ℃ cycle), and the ambient temperature is too high, It is an unavoidable and serious fact that the ice production of the air-cooled ice-making machine with air for hot and cold exchange is greatly reduced.