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Ice-making machine ice-making knowledge encyclopedia, knowledge Summary- 16
Jul 30, 2018

    How to choose the ice-making machine

    On the selection of ice-making machine Because the market of ice-making machine is still in the initial stage of development, our customers and even our distributors to the understanding of ice-making machine is still very superficial, stay in the initial stage of understanding. One of the most obvious signs is that many ice-making machines do not have different seasons, different environmental temperature conditions of ice production instructions, so there are a lot of misleading, false purchase behavior. So how to correctly guide the buyer's consumption behavior? 

    Below on our experience for the vast number of customers with ice to provide a more professional reference.

    One, the demand for ice: From the point of view of experience, generally speaking, Chinese restaurant: Each seat needs 0.5kg ice, Western restaurant: Each seat needs 1kg ice; hotel rooms: Each room needs 1kg ice, pearl milk tea, foam black tea, 1kg ice cubes can supply 7--8 cups, smoothies, shaved ice can supply about 4 cups per kilogram. 

 Know the above data, restaurant friends can be based on their own size and the forecast of turnover to make a reasonable choice.