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Ice-making machine ice-making knowledge encyclopedia, knowledge Summary- 14
Jul 26, 2018

    Slice ice Advantage: Flake ice and the traditional type of briquette (large ice) and snow ice compared to the advantages of obvious, with dry, not caking, good fluidity, good health, and fresh goods contact area, not easy to damage fresh goods, etc., in many industries is to replace other types of ice preferred products.


    1. High efficiency of ice making and small loss of cooling capacity

    Automatic ice-cutting machine adopts the latest type of vertical internal spiral knife ice-type evaporator, ice in the ice bucket from the inside of the water distributor will be evenly spilled water into the ice bucket inside the wall quickly icing, icing formed by the spiral skate cut ice down, so that the evaporator surface has been allowed to use, improve the efficiency of the ice-making machine,

     2, Good quality of borneol, dry not bonded Automatic flake ice Machine vertical evaporator made of flake ice thickness of 1-2 mm dry irregular flake-like ice, good fluidity. 

    3, Simple structure, small footprint.