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Ice-making machine ice-making knowledge encyclopedia, knowledge Summary- 9
Jul 19, 2018

    Evaporative Cooling Condenser: Evaporative condenser, referred to as evaporative cold evaporative cold Condenser cooling performance: By the ambient wet ball temperature to determine the ambient wet ball temperature higher, then the condensation temperature is higher. 


    Generally, the use of water-cooled condenser, condensation temperature than the ambient wet bulb temperature 5~7℃ about. Condensation temperature limit of general refrigeration system: no higher than 55 ℃, not less than 20 ℃. In general, water-cooled condensers are not recommended in areas where the ambient wet bulb temperature exceeds 42 ℃. So whether you can choose water-cooled condenser, first of all to confirm the ambient wet bulb temperature. When designing water-cooled ice-making machines in general, customers must be required to provide the highest ambient wet bulb temperature of the year.