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Ice-making machine ice-making knowledge encyclopedia, knowledge Summary- 4
Jul 12, 2018

    Air-Cooled condenser: Cooling performance of air-cooled condenser: determined by ambient temperature, the higher the ambient temperature, the higher the condensation temperature. Generally, the use of air-cooled condenser, condensing temperature higher than the ambient temperature 7~12℃,7~12℃ This value we call the heat temperature difference. The higher the condensation temperature, the cooler refrigeration efficiency will be lower, so we have to control the heat transfer temperature should not be too large.


    However, if the temperature difference between the heat transfer is too small, then the air cooled condenser heat transfer area and circulation of air volume will be greater, air-cooled condenser cost of the higher. Condensation temperature limit of general refrigeration system: no higher than 55 ℃, not less than 20 ℃. In general, air-cooled condensers are not recommended in areas with ambient temperatures exceeding 42 ℃. So whether you can choose air-cooled condenser, first of all to confirm the ambient temperature. In general design air-cooled ice-making machines, customers must be required to provide the highest local environmental dry bulb temperature. Air cooled condensers cannot be used in areas with ambient temperatures exceeding 40 ℃.