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Ice making machine features
Jul 19, 2017

    With the development of science and technology and the increase of people's demand, the natural ice has been far from meeting people's needs, so there has been ice-making machine, ice-making machine because of its particularity has been applied to a variety of industries, has become a human production life inseparable from a machine. Ice-making machines are also very much

    Ice-making Machine Ice Cube shape: square-shaped, cylindrical, diamond-shaped, moon, snowflake, flake ice, briquette and so on. The freezing point can reach -20℃ below.

    Ice is high hardness, low temperature, ice crystal clear, not easy to melt, cooling items fast.

    Microcomputer control, water, drainage, automatic ice-making, no need to operate, the use of safety. The condensation system and condensation temperature device are scientifically configured to adapt to different ambient temperatures.

    Stainless steel shell luxurious and generous, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, durable process, high efficiency insulation performance.

    Ice Pattern Sample: Spray Ice mold Ice, is currently the world's advanced ice-making method, ice crystal clear, good texture, cooling effect lasting.

    Full automatic control: the use of advanced COMs integrated circuits, water supply, ice, ice removal, fault protection, such as automatic completion, safe and convenient. The ice is adjustable: it can regulate the thick of ice. Suitable for use in various occasions ice.

    Energy-saving and efficient: Now the new ice-making machine has more than one-third of the traditional ice-making machine, and fluorine-free polyurethane foam overall.




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