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How to thaw the frozen food will not affect its nutritional value? Part 2
Dec 29, 2017

3, timely storage to eat as soon as possible

    Not easy to choose a bunch of frozen food from the supermarket, when you are satisfied with the loot to carry home, should pay attention to what problems do not let the nutrients slip away?

    First of all, nature is "preach good hand baton", immediately put the frozen food into the freezer room. Although the home of ordinary freezers may not be able to achieve rapid cooling to -18℃ conditions, but is a low temperature state, the preservation of nutrients is beneficial.

    Second, quick-frozen food to eat as soon as possible, from the production date closer the better. Frozen food If the short-term storage, nutrients remain very good. At low temperatures, however, vitamins and other nutrients in food are slowly decomposed over time. So don't let the food stay in the freezer. If it is meat food, can be appropriate to prolong the storage time, but to closely observe whether the fat turned yellow, this is the meat began to deteriorate signal.