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How to thaw the frozen food will not affect its nutritional value? Part 1
Dec 27, 2017

1, buy frozen food should pay attention to 3 points

1. Buy in shopping malls or supermarkets with good refrigeration equipment.

2. Pay attention to the production date, as far as possible to buy from the production date less than 1 months of branded food, to ensure safety and nutrition.

3). Choose the packaging bag without breakage, frozen shape intact without softening or adhesion, the package without frost or less frost, natural color, no discoloration, not gray products.

2, the professional environment Quick-frozen not equal to the ordinary freezer freezer

Some friends will say, also use to buy frozen food? I'll put the fresh foods in the freezer room at home. Actually, this is different from the real frozen food. The so-called Quick-frozen food is to be processed by those processed foods, in 30 minutes through the -1℃~-5℃, cooling quickly, and then in the lower-1~8℃ environment to preserve and transport. This condition only relatively professional equipment can be achieved, and most people's home ordinary freezer is not competent. In fact, want to keep food long-term storage, professional quick-frozen is one of the most important methods, to maximize the preservation of natural food original color, flavor and nutrition components.