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How to set up ice making machine?
Jan 29, 2018

1, ice-making machine placement

⑴ This machine should be placed in the air circulation, surrounded by a safe and clean place.

⑵ machine should not be placed in the open air, should not be exposed to direct sunlight and rain. Not near the heat source.

The use environment of ⑶ machine can not be less than 5 ℃, not higher than 38 ℃.

The ⑷ machine should have enough space for four weeks, especially the rear should not be less than 150mm. For the machine to dissipate heat.

⑸ Please adjust the base screws at the bottom of the machine to keep the machine level stable.

2. Installation of water system

⑴, please connect the water source that meets the local drinking water standard.

⑵ the filter when necessary to improve the drinking standard of water.

The ⑶ water supply system must meet the following conditions:

A, the water temperature minimum 2 ℃, the highest not more than 38 ℃

b, the minimum pressure of 0.5Mpa, the highest 0.8MPA

3, power supply installation

The ⑴ power supply must be the same as that indicated on the machine nameplate.

⑵ all lines must conform to national standards.

⑶ must be grounded reliably, grounding wires must conform to electrical standards.

⑷ voltage fluctuation shall not exceed the ±10% of the rated voltage.