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How to reduce the water coagulation phenomenon of refrigerated display cabinet.
May 16, 2018

    When the discovery of the phenomenon of condensation, with a soft cloth will be wiped off the dew can be, and so on the humidity of the environment, condensation will disappear, will not affect its normal use of the function.

    Then in the ordinary use of time, should pay attention to which aspects to avoid the production of water droplets?

    First, the refrigerated storage cabinets should be placed in the sun can not direct and good ventilation, so as to reduce the phenomenon of water coagulation.

    Second, adhere to the daily use of soft cloth to wipe the glass door and any water condensation phenomenon of the place, so that it can effectively reduce the phenomenon of condensation, if the dew condensation of the words to think it is more difficult. 

    Third, If the temperature of the food in the refrigerated storage cabinet is not too high, as far as possible will be refrigerated fresh cabinet temperature slightly higher, this can effectively reduce the cold storage cabinets inside and outside the temperature difference, so as to reduce the phenomenon of water coagulation, in fact, many of the drinks on the market above this type of cold drink, the best temperature modulation in 7 degrees, Too low can also affect the taste of the drink problem.