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How to make your snow ice cooler service life longer?
May 11, 2018

    We summarize the maintenance life of snowflake ice-making machine as follows, first of all repair must find professional understanding of ice-making machine functions of specialized companies and maintenance workers, often some refrigeration workers can not start, and very easy to some parts of the damage, to the user caused unnecessary losses, so now talk about the maintenance of ice-making machine:

1: Regular cleaning of waterways and sprinkler, usually half a year, according to local water quality decision.

Water blockage and nozzle blockage is very easy to cause premature compressor damage, so be sure to pay attention to.

2: Regular cleaning of the condenser, cleaning the screen, usually 3 months, to ensure the smooth heat dissipation. The condenser is too swollen and can easily cause premature damage to the compressor, more threatening than the waterway blockage.

Often found that some customers put the ice-making machine position is too narrow, resulting in premature compressor damage, in the back of the ice-cooling machine must be kept around 50 cm distance, keep the air unobstructed.

3: Regular replacement of water purifier filter cartridge, the General 2-month replacement, according to the local water quality decision.

If the filter cartridge is not replaced for a long time, it will produce a lot of bacteria and poisonous substances, affecting human health.

4: Often check the working condition of the ice-making machine, found that the abnormal immediately unplug power. Found that the ice machine has a peculiar smell, abnormal sound, leakage, leakage, should immediately fall off the power and water valves.