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How to deal with the leakage of the freezer display cabinet?
Jan 03, 2018

1, freezer display cabinet temperature controller leakage

    Freezer display cabinet Thermostat leakage phenomenon is mainly as follows: when our hands to contact the cabinet of the refrigerator cabinet will have hemp inductance, but the normal operation of the compressor and the temperature inside the cabinet is very normal. As most of the thermostat is installed in the freezer display cabinet inside the wall, the freezer display cabinet temperature changes will let the thermostat around condensation. And when the condensate flow into the thermostat, the freezer display cabinet thermostat's electrical contacts and the cabinet body of the resistance value drop also caused the cabinet body charged. For this phenomenon, we can eliminate the problem by timing the frost, often erasing the stagnant water in the freezer display cabinet, and preventing condensate flow into the thermostat and so on. At the same time, however, also pay attention to the regular cleaning of the freezer display cabinet thermostat bakelite and some of the surrounding dirt, mainly because the dirt in the tide will also produce leakage.

    Therefore, we still have to constantly for the freezer display cabinets to maintain this can prevent this leakage phenomenon, but also can effectively extend the life of the freezer display cabinet.

2, the freezer display cabinet of moisture-proof conductor leakage

    Freezer display Cabinet of moisture-proof conductor leakage is mainly manifested in the power supply, in the open overload protection relay frequent break, resulting in the freezer display cabinet compressor can not be opened, but also led to the cabinet of the freezer display cabinet charged, in the hands touch will appear hemp inductance, and generally in the use of a longer life in the freezer display cabinets are more common. At this time, we can use some insulating casing to put those moisture-proof wire sleeve good, the best is to remove the old line, and then replace some rubber insulation of the new line.

    In the face of this kind of problem, you had better put the freezer display cabinet outage overhaul, prevent accidents. Especially in supermarkets, convenience stores and other places, the volume of traffic is larger, in case of accidents, the loss of the money is not only, but also personal accidents.