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How to clean the water-level sensor?
Dec 20, 2017

    When we found the ice-making machine in the process of making ice, the water in the sink began to overflow, this time indicates that the water level sensor has failed. If there is no water in the sink then it means that the water level sensor of the ice-making device needs cleaning tasks. Of course, can also play a multimeter to the water level sensor self-examination, if the universal table can guide, prove that your ice machine is really because there is no cleaning and led to "no work."

    When cleaning the water level sensor remember to cut off the power of the ice-making machine, in the container to the neutral detergent and water mixture, about the proportion of 2:16 of the ratio. Unscrew the screw, remove the water level sensor, and place the water level sensor in the control box, which allows the sensor to move in a continuous range. Soak the water level sensor in a mixture of detergent and water, and start cleaning the other parts at the same time, rinse and dry after washing, and can be used on installation.