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How to clean the ice making machine?
Dec 25, 2017

    Before cleaning (or disinfecting) the disassembly parts of the ice-making machine, we have completed the cleaning process of the base of the ice-making machine. The whole of the basic cleaning can be a part of the ice machine cleaning is not thorough enough, all we need to take a second step, is the ice-making machine parts removed, for cleaning (or disinfection).

    First of all, we should turn off the ice machine water, randomly cut off the ice machine power supply, because we are ready to disassemble, all must remember to cut off the total power; then we remove the curtain board and the water pipe and other parts need to be removed to clean the part; We can put the removed parts into a cleaning (or disinfection) solution, of course, we must also remind you to bring good gloves, goggles, masks, continue to enter the next step, such as a soft brush or sponge carefully clear parts can be, and eventually rinse the parts thoroughly, dry, after the installation of parts, Turn on the water source to complete.