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Hotel ice-making machine, catering ice-making machine purchase skills
Jan 10, 2018

    At present, the market is flooded with a large number of different brands, different specifications of the ice-making machine, quality difference is very large, the price difference is also very large. As the ice-making machine market is still in the development stage, the customer's understanding of the ice-making machine compared to the surface, sometimes lead to false purchase. So how to correctly guide customers to consume correctly? Let's talk about the consumption of ice grains. Experts in the 500CC capacity of the cup has been tested to pearl milk tea, foam tea, for example, a kilogram of ice supply 7-8 cups, the best taste. Knowing this, buyers will be able to determine their demand for ice pellets based on their maximum turnover in the hottest weather.

    Know your own ice particle demand, how to buy ice machine? We buy ice machine for the purpose of the use of ice, so to choose the quality of stability, service has a guaranteed brand.

    In the market to buy ice-making machines, generally 24-hour ice production of how many kilograms or how many pounds for the unit of calculation, this unit of measurement is in the ambient temperature of 10 degrees, water temperature of 10 degrees of ice production, when the summer, the ambient temperature and water temperature are very high, the amount of ice production will be affected by different degrees. When the ambient temperature and water temperature are more than 30 degrees, most ice-making machines can only reach two-thirds of the unit of measurement.