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Development prospect of snowflake ice maker - 8
Sep 13, 2018

    Under the background of the rapid development of industry, China began to learn some advanced technology from abroad. itself for the refrigeration industry, the developed countries in Europe and the United States quickly, because people in Europe and the United States put ice into drinks as a small part of daily life. And the earliest contact refrigeration in the domestic industry about in the mid 1980s, China began to learn from foreign markets advanced production technology, and set up a number of joint ventures to develop refrigeration industry. Although the establishment of a joint venture, but the domestic refrigeration industry still does not reach the development needs of many industries, especially for some of the top technology and products, the domestic still does not reach the technical capacity of independent research and development. 

    In recent years, China's investment in the refrigeration industry has been increasing year-on-year, promulgated the corresponding policies and regulations, and the downstream demand is also the fundamental driving force of domestic demand growth, customer groups have gradually expanded, we no longer only think that the import of ice-making machine to use. With the rapid increase of human production, the demand for ice and the expanding application of ice, the ice machine will be widely used in the commercial fields such as biological bacteria culture, frozen fruits and vegetables, freezing and drying. According to the China Refrigeration Society published "China's Industrial and commercial ice machine industry status analysis and development trend" statistics: the global market industry and commerce ice machine and ice system market capacity of about 20 billion yuan, China ice machine market capacity of about 3 billion yuan. We estimate that the market capacity will be far more than that, and it is expected to remain and exceed the 20% growth rate in recent years.