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Development prospect of snowflake ice maker - 6
Sep 11, 2018

3. Product use

    At present, snow ice machine mainly for laboratories and catering users, but the market is not limited to this, our products are also widely used in schools, gymnasiums, sauna spa centers, supermarkets, seafood market.

    For the laboratory users, the ice shape is amorphous small granular snow crushed ice, ice shape small, can penetrate the narrow gap, cooling speed, ice bath effect is good. The demand for laboratory ice is relatively small, so small production models are most favored by laboratory users. General 100 kg within the daily output of enough, 100 kg daily output we have 8 models for customers to choose, the specific model see attached page.

    For the catering users, snow ice is generally used for seafood display preservation, such as hot pot restaurant seafood and meat plate, buffet seafood preservation, restaurant sashimi set pendulum plate, bottled fresh fruit juice and so on. See attached page for specific models.

    In addition, snow crushed ice can also be used for sports sprain place cold compress, sauna after the ice bath cooling, fever, such as cooling.