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Development background of ice making machine
Jul 12, 2017

  Along with the development of modern economic life and the change of people's consumption concept, especially in modern times, people enjoy a variety of recreational and leisure activities, ice-making machine has been a place in many places must be equipped with equipment, in a five-star famous luxury hotel or entertainment, ice-making machine will be a superior quality, excellent performance, beautiful practical equipment, play a special role in many places.

  In the sauna or advanced spa, ice-making machine as a special use of equipment more and more people use, in these places ice machine function is mainly to serve the guests with ice massage recuperate, improve blood circulation, ice water bath and other uses. This has strict requirements for the shape of the ice. Generally choose the shape of soft and humid, pure low-temperature snow ice, because it can make guests feel comfortable and suitable for direct body contact and slowly enjoy the ice cold, try not to use a harder and angular block of ice, because it is not easy to melt, and easy to scratch the skin. Not as easy to use as natural snowflakes, not easy to fetch ice.


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