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Definition and selection of large ice-making machine
Aug 03, 2018

1, Ice-making machine ice production definition: User selection, the main consideration to the amount of ice. But the ice production of ice-making machine is greatly affected by the environmental conditions, so it is necessary to make clear the standard working conditions to compare the ice producing capacity. The ice-making machine follows the international nominal working condition as the standard working condition of the product (that is, the water temperature for ice-making is 15℃±1℃; The working ambient temperature is 21℃±2℃; The power supply requires 220 volts 50 Hz/three-phase 380 kv 50 Hz; The water requirement is clean fresh water; Working unit time is 24

We see in the market, such as a kilogram of ice-making machine, indicating that in the standard operating conditions per Nissan Ice volume. 

2, The ice-making machine in summer, the understanding of ice production: Into the summer, water temperature and environmental temperatures significantly elevated, the rise in water temperature, which is equivalent to prolonging the ice-making time of each disk (because the water's freezing point is 0 ℃, to the temperature of ice water cooling to 0 ℃ than the normal temperature of the water also reduced to 0 ℃ cycle), and the ambient temperature is too high, It is an unavoidable and serious fact that the ice production of the air-cooled ice-making machine with air for hot and cold exchange is greatly reduced.