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Chiller Condensation:
May 23, 2017

With air-cooled, water-cooled or evaporative condenser. Evaporative is installed above the ice machine, the water-cooled condenser is installed below the ice machine or below the cooling system, and the air-cooled condenser installed in accordance with the actual situation can be installed with the ice machine Can also be installed outdoors. If necessary, water-cooled condensers can be used on board or on the coast, with water to cool. Evaporative cooling can be used in ambient air temperatures higher, but from an efficient and economical point of view, it is not appropriate to use water-cooled or air-cooled refrigeration conditions. Germany Ferguson FOCUSUN, the United States Manulife Manitowoc, the United States Scottsman Scotsman, the United States ICEOMatic, Japan Star Qi ice machine, Japan Ayerseman ice machine is the world's leading ice machine manufacturers, accounting for the vast majority of the world, Ferguson invented the world's first ice machine (granular) and known to the world, Wanli more good ice ice machine in the United States these fast-food more developed countries occupy a relatively large, scotsman in Europe is absolutely dominant, ICEOMATIC is popular in many countries in the Middle East, USA and Asia, and is not unshakable in Japan's Star Qi status, which is related to Japan's national complex estimate! Scotsman is a kingdom dedicated to the full range of ice. She offers ICE series, AC series, MC Series, MV series, AF series, MF series, BF series, TDE series, CME series, MAR series more than 200 kinds of models of ice machine. Nissan ice from 10 kg to 10,000 kg. Ice cubes are round, square, square, shaped, scaly, mineral and snowflakes. Widely used in hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, karaoke OK dance halls, cafes, supermarket preservation, fisheries, food processing, health care, family and other consumer places.