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Analysis and solution of common problems in snow ice making machine
Dec 04, 2017

    Snow flake Ice machine designed specifically for the laboratory, especially suitable for life science, medicine, agriculture, forestry and fishery, inspection and Quarantine laboratory use. Snow ice machine in the use of the process will also be a number of failures, users need to have some common fault analysis and resolution skills, the following to briefly introduce several common failures.

I. Noise

The reasons are:

1, may be snow ice machine placed uneven position. The solution is to twist the ice-making machine at the bottom of the fine-tuning screws, fine-tuning, when the fine-tuning screws touch the ground, the four-legged contact is a good state.

2, snow ice making machine on top of the items. The objects placed on the ice-making machine and its top will generate resonance when the motor is started, thus making noises. Remove the snow ice machine on the top of the items, so that it does not produce resonance, the noise is naturally eliminated.

3, there is a small thing fell into the knowledge of snow ice machine machine parts.

Solution: Cut the ice machine power after the machine will fall into the inside of the small items to remove the noise will disappear.

II. Frosting and condensate

Causes and solutions:

1, the air humidity is large, the ice-making machine outside the surface will appear fog-like condensation, dry can;

2, is in the cold chamber after the frost or ice beads, because the back of the tank in the refrigerator working temperature below 0 degrees, it will produce frosting or ice beads, downtime will automatically melt, is a normal phenomenon.