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About refrigerants
Jul 21, 2017

    Refrigerant plays an important role in refrigeration equipment, it is the necessary resources for ice-making machine, no matter how good is your machine, how advanced is the technology, machine is the flake ice machine, block ice machine or cold water machine, without it, your machine can not run normally. Now mention 2011 refrigerant in the ice-making machine in the market, a lot of people are fresh, the price in the beginning of a straight jump, production enterprises in the full load start: to the second half of the reversal, the price and then free fall like, all the way down. By 2012 years, with the major company performance reports show that the general decline, the industry is difficult to reproduce, the industry insiders say, to do a long-term "battle" preparation, in a twinkling, the 2013 half, refrigerant prices in the refrigeration equipment seemingly want to yang, but only in a small amplitude fluctuations. It remains to be seen in the future.

    The 19th Conference of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol accelerated the adjustment case through HCFC phase-out, and China pledged to freeze the total use of traditional refrigerant R22 at a 2009-2010-year average starting in 2013, on the basis of 2015 cuts of 10%, 2020 cut by 35%, 2025 cuts of 67.5%, and 2030 cut 100%. R22 Elimination official pull curtain, environmental protection refrigerant substitution and contest increase.