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Crescent Ice Machine

60kg drink bar ice maker

60kg drink bar ice maker

Product: 60kg drink bar ice maker
Ice Making Capacity: 60kg/24h
Storage Capacity: 22kg
Power: 420W/220V
Product Dimension: 505W*656D*900mm
Water Supplier: Tap Water
Cooling Type: Fan Cooling
Ice Shape: Crescent Ice...

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Product Description:

60kg drink bar ice maker uses the refrigeration system to cool the refrigeration system by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system to generate ice. The 60kg drink bar ice maker system uses a water carrier to produce ice after passing through a certain device under power supply.

The crescent ice made by 60kg drink bar ice maker is dry and smooth, environmentally friendly, and has no clear edges and corners. It will not damage the cold collection and ensure the original flavor of the cold collection.


* Made of high-quality stainless steel casing, anti-corrosion and durable, independent and integrated structure, compact and simple, saving space.

* The insulation of the box machine is fluorine-free foaming, and the heat preservation effect is good. The inner tank is fluorine-free and antibacterial, energy saving and environmental protection.

* The use of high-quality and high-efficiency fluorine-free compressors, the main components have relevant safety certification, the products are safe and reliable.

* Adopts full computer program control and imported computer chip, which is reliable in control and stable in operation.

* Adopts the reducer and motor imported from abroad, with low noise and stable and reliable operation.

* The top of the 60kg drink bar ice maker is equipped with a heat dissipation hole and a fan to ensure reliable operation of the reducer motor under high temperature and harsh conditions.


Can meet the needs of small and medium-sized business places such as cold drink shops, tea shops, bars, and universities.


Product Name: 60kg drink bar ice maker
Ice Making Capacity: 60kg/24h
Storage Capacity:22kg
Water Supplier:Tap Water
Cooling type:Fan Cooling
Ice Shape:Crescent Ice
Product Dimension:505W*656D*900mm
Brand Name:Bzx or OEM,ODM