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Crescent Ice Machine

Crescent Shaped Ice Cubes

Crescent Shaped Ice Cubes

Product: 40kg Crescent Shaped Ice Cubes
Ice Making Capacity: 40kg/24h br />Storage Capacity: 16kg br />Power: 350W/220V br />Product Dimension: 505W*656D*900mm br />Water Supplier: Tap Water br />Cooling Type: Fan Cooling br />Ice Shape: Crescent Ice......

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Product Description:

What makes YB-40 crescent shaped ice cubes unique is that it can be moved freely and tightly packed in a trash can for maximum ice storage capacity. The ice produced by the crescent shaped ice cubes removes almost 100% of impure material, unique and beautiful crescent ice.

By combining with different storage refrigerators, YB-40 crescent shaped ice cubes provides the best ice making solution combined ice machine, which can be flexibly applied to many different ice making occasions. Adopt industry-leading professional ice making and deicing system, YB-40 crescent shaped ice cubes can perfectly compatible with a variety of matching storage refrigerators. If you need to increase the amount of ice and ice storage, you can simply complete the combination of the corresponding parts.


* Crescent ice can quickly cool in a flavored drink and show a beautiful shape.

* Can be used for seafood transport display or medical refrigeration.

* Increase the de-icing and drainage function, and instantly drain the remaining water in the cold water tank when deicing, so that the ice is cleaner and transparent.


Suitable for hotels, bars, banquet halls, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and cold drink shops where ice is needed.


Product Name: Crescent Shaped Ice Cubes Maker Machine YB-40
Ice Making Capacity: 40kg/24h
Storage Capacity:16kg
Water Supplier:Tap Water
Cooling type:Fan Cooling
Ice Shape:Crescent Ice
Product Dimension:505W*656D*900mm