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Crescent Ice Machine

220v household ice maker

220v household ice maker

Product: 25kg 220v household ice maker
Ice Making Capacity: 25kg/24h
Storage Capacity: 3kg
Power: 240W/220V
Product Dimension: 530*350*680mm
Water Supplier: Tap Water
Ice Shape: Crescent Ice
Certification: CE ......

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Product Description:

220v household ice makeradopts the compressor refrigeration structure, which has the characteristics of fast cooling speed, low noise, low power consumption and no pollution. The shape of the ice cube is crescent-shaped, and the ice is crystal clear.

220v household ice maker is made of high-quality food-grade materials, and the heat preservation effect is good. It can automatically adjust the ice making time according to the water temperature to make the ice cubes the same size. The probe automatically stops when there is no water.

220v household ice maker is more suitable for small banquets in the family, frozen foods (sashimi, etc.), and ice cubes used in daily red wine and ice water.


* Advanced design: using European advanced ice making technology, reasonable design and excellent performance.

* Ice mode ice making: The ice is made crystal clear with advanced spray ice mold.

* Stainless steel case: luxurious appearance, shell resistant to corrosion, impact and durability.

* Fully automatic control: adopt advanced computer control, intelligent design, water supply, ice making and dehydration are completed automatically, and ice is automatically stopped.

* Application: Suitable for families, bars, hotels and fast food restaurants.


Product Name: 220v household ice maker
Ice Making Capacity: 25kg/24h
Storage Capacity:3kg
Water Supplier:Tap Water
Cooling type:Fan Cooling
Ice Shape:Crescent Ice
Product Dimension:530*350*680mm
Brand Name:Bzx or OEM,ODM