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Bullet Ice Machine

innovative bullet ice maker

Product: 120kg innovative bullet ice maker
Ice Making Capacity: 120kg/24h br />Storage Capacity: 50kg br />Power: 760W/220V br />Product Dimension: 680*610*1050 br />Water Supplier: Tap Water br />Cooling Type: Fan Cooling br />Refrigerant: R134a br />Ice Shape: Bullet Cylindrical Ice......

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Product Description:

The overall design of innovative bullet ice maker is beautiful and elegant, making the whole operation process easy and comfortable, and the humanized design presents the beauty of technology. Large capacity to meet your various needs. The innovative bullet ice maker adopts the forward air-in and out-out air mode, and has good ventilation effect and can be directly stored in the bar. We can also be customized according to the special needs of customers.


* The side air inlet side is used for air outlet.

* High-efficiency fluorine-free compressor, economical and energy-saving.

* Stainless steel casing, anti-corrosion and durable, simple and elegant appearance, tap water automatically enters the water.

* Full computer program control, fast ice making, high efficiency and easy operation.

* The ice is shaped like bullet, and the ice particles are beautiful and transparent.

* It has automatic shutdown function of ice full and water shortage, and has passed CE certification.


Food processing, bars, supermarkets, hotels, bakeries, fast food restaurants, coffee houses, etc.


Product Name: 120kg innovative bullet ice maker

Model: IM-120

Ice Making Capacity: 120kg/24h

Storage Capacity: 50kg

Power: 760W/220V

Product Dimension: 680*610*1050

Water Supplier: Tap Water

Cooling Type: Fan Cooling

Refrigerant: R134a

Ice Shape: Bullet Cylindrical Ice

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Bzx or OEM,ODM