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Bottled Water Ice Maker

The bottle water ice maker is a kind of ice machine. Because the ice produced is in a plastic bottle, it is called an ice bottle machine. Because the ice in the ice bottle is not easy to melt, it is easy to transport, store and transport, no water flows after melting, and the ice bottle can be reused. Therefore, it is widely used in factory cooling, long-distance transportation, aquatic food preservation, fruit and vegetable preservation, etc.
Put the plastic bottle filled with water into the salt water tank, cover the salt water tank cover, press the start button, and the refrigeration unit starts running. After a certain period of time, the water in the plastic bottle condenses into ice, and the ice bottle is taken out of the salt water tank and stored in a cold storage or shipped for direct use. Sometimes a cleaning process is added after removing the ice bottle from the salt water tank to remove the salt water from the surface of the ice bottle.
Commonly used ice bottles are pure water bottles that are readily available on the market. Ice bottles of any weight can also be used according to customer requirements.
1. The refrigeration system adopts compressors and refrigeration accessories of world-famous brands, which are more stable in operation and longer in life;
2. The salt water pool uses high-strength design and thickened plates to make the machine particularly strong, even if it is subjected to severe impact or dumping, it will not affect its normal use;
3. The ice bottle machine adopts the advanced polyurethane foam material insulation technology to save electricity and heat;
4. The temperature control of the microcomputer makes the salt water tank automatically stop after reaching the set temperature, and automatically starts below the set temperature, saving energy and electricity.
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